Thanksgiving is all about family, food, and good times, but it’s also the perfect chance to bring up something you might not associate with the holiday: estate planning. If that sounds surprising, it shouldn’t be. What other time of year do you have everyone in the same room? Engaging your family in estate planning talks can be a sensitive issue, which is why it’s important to handle it delicately, but it’s an essential step when it comes to ensuring that you protect your family.

Handling Estate Planning Talks Sensitively

The hardest part when it comes to estate planning talks is knowing how to bring it up. Estate planning can be a fraught and sensitive topic and if you don’t begin talks in a delicate manner, it can make the whole process a disaster. It can be hard to know when the right moment is to engage family members, but the best plan is select a moment that is relaxed, away from the often-hectic fray of the holiday. In addition, you’ll want to speak with family members in a private setting, so they will feel more comfortable.

Looking for an opening can also be difficult. One strategy might be to build up slowly to the topic, such as by asking an aging parent where their important documents are kept. From there, you might be able to switch over to larger concerns, asking them what their future plans are. Whatever approach you take, it’s important to be patient and not seem like you’re pressuring anybody. Let their reactions dictate your actions.

What to Cover When It Comes to Estate Planning Talks

Estate planning covers a wide variety of areas and you won’t be able to cover everything in one session, no matter how productive. Here, though, are a few important topics that you will want to discuss:

    • Do you have a will or any trusts set up?
    • If so, when did you last update them?
    • Do you have medical/financial powers of attorney?
    • What are your medical directives if you should become incapacitated?
    • Do you have beneficiary designations for insurance and bank accounts?
    • Where do you keep your documents?
    • What are the passwords for your online accounts?

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