Nowadays, do-it-yourself estate planning options are everywhere. Whether it’s an online DIY will planner or another of the many internet tools available, there is no shortage of ways to take your future planning into your own hands. It all sounds good, right? Well, the truth is, with most of these services, you get what you pay for. Filling out a DIY can leave you woefully unprotected. Hiring an experienced estate planning attorney is the only way to ensure your family’s future.

What is a DIY Estate Plan?

As more and more of our lives get spent online, it only makes sense that people would look to the internet for solutions to many of their problems. For a number of people, the thought of drafting an estate plan can be overwhelming, and the DIY options online promise to simplify the process (not to mention, saving the user some money as well). The internet is filled with do-it-yourself estate planning kits, ranging from simple DIY will software to more comprehensive programs that aim to encompass the entirety of the future planning process. While these options can be tempting to the overwhelmed or budget-conscious person, a closer look reveals some troubling questions.

Benefits and Drawbacks of a DIY Estate Plan

The chief benefits of a DIY estate plan are obvious: they can save you money (at least in the short term) and you can execute your plan from the comfort of your home. The truth is, though, that estate planning is a complex process and, without the help of a trained professional, you can end up putting your family’s future at risk—and even end up spending more money than you would have if you’d hired an attorney in the first place.

Here are a few of the major drawbacks of DIY estate planning:

      • The possibility of Overlooking an Important Document. Estate Planning isn’t just about wills and trusts. There are many different documents—from healthcare directives to beneficiary designations—that need to be taken into account. Without a professional to oversee the process, it can be easy to overlook an essential item.
      • Not Understanding Estate Plans as “Living” Arrangements. Your life changes and your estate plan should too. Maybe you’ve welcomed a new member to the family or you’ve started a new business. Whenever you undergo a major life event, you’ll want to update your estate plan and working regularly with an estate planning attorney can ensure that this remains a smooth process.
      • Making Clerical or Technical Errors. Legal documents are complicated. While DIY programs can take you through the basics, when using these tools, you can never be fully sure you’ve crossed every t and dotted every i. Without a professional to help you, you can end up making legal errors that can cost you plenty of money in both fees and unnecessary taxes down the line.

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