At Deliberato Law Center, we understand the hesitation that often accompanies the thought of estate planning. Contemplating the future can be uncomfortable, even overwhelming. But fear not—our mission is to make the process just a little easier for you. Let’s explore five straightforward tips, emphasizing the core themes of protecting your future, asset protection, and the importance of staying informed with estate planning updates.


List Your Legacy: Organize Your Property and Assets


Embark on your estate planning journey by compiling a detailed list of your property, assets, and valuables. This simple step ensures that the process remains organized and streamlined. As we focus on protecting your future, this list becomes the bedrock for crafting a comprehensive plan that safeguards your assets and secures your legacy.


Meet with a Professional: Consult with an Estate Planning Attorney


Take your meticulously prepared list to one of our experienced estate planning attorneys. While the prospect of creating a will and trust might seem straightforward, we recognize that it involves nuanced and complicated decisions. Our team at Deliberato Law Center is here to guide you, ensuring your assets are shielded through meticulous asset protection strategies that precisely align with your vision.


Plan for the Unexpected: Consider a Living Will


Inquiring about a living will or advanced healthcare directive is a crucial step in anticipating the unexpected. This document ensures that, even in unforeseen circumstances, your healthcare preferences are known and respected. It’s a proactive measure in protecting your future and ensuring your wishes are honored.


Choose Your Champions: Executors, Guardians, Trustees, and Proxies


Select individuals to fulfill pivotal roles in your estate plan. Designate an executor, guardians, a trustee, and a healthcare proxy—each playing a crucial part in protecting your future and preserving your legacy. These choices are essential for ensuring the smooth execution of your wishes.


Stay Relevant: Update Your Plan Every 3-5 Years


Estate planning is an evolving process, necessitating regular reassessment. Every three to five years, revisit your plan to adapt to changing laws, family dynamics, and asset portfolios. Our commitment to estate planning updates ensures that your plan remains current, reflecting your intentions accurately and continuing to serve the purpose of protecting your future.


Contact Deliberato Law Center and Protect Your Family Today

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