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As we have mentioned here before, it appears that the performer Prince died without a Will or a Trust to manage his assets. As a result, his estate will pass to his “family,” whether he was close to that family or not. Additionally, his family has had to sort through several people who claim to be his blood relative. Several. One-hundred, ninety-five thousand (195,000) people, according to an interview with his sister Tyka Nelson on Entertainment Tonight earlier this week:

“We’re finally through the 195,000 people that said they’re related,” Nelson said. “We’ve got one of the employees that was a half-brother of some of my half siblings, once we work that part out, I think we’re there. So, I’ll be happy.”

Most of us know that we need to have a Plan for the day that we take our last breath or become incapacitated. But, most of us don’t have a Plan. Why? Why don’t we make a Plan? We here at The Deliberato Law Center think that many people fail to Plan because they don’t know how much lifetime benefit there can be from creating a cohesive Financial and Estate Plan; not because they assume that the “government’s plan” for their assets will be sufficient.

Previously, we posted about the amazing contrast between the legally savvy, musical genius, Prince, who took on the music industry to protect his intellectual property and creative freedom; and the legally naïve Prince who did not create a Plan for the inevitable. A Trust could have helped Prince retain artistic control of his assets by leaving an instruction book for his Trustees. A Trust can provide an instruction book for your family as well.

None of us knows what will happen tomorrow. Let us help you make a Plan that will protect the people you love and save them the heartache and the trauma of fighting for what you would want them to have. Our comprehensive plans provide financial guidance as well as instructions for YOUR care if you become incapacitated. Don’t leave the people who love you guessing. Don’t leave the government in charge.
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