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Have you ever flown on an airplane? As the plane is rolling down to the area for takeoff, they go through their emergency procedures. Among other items that they cover, you’ll hear them say “…if we should lose cabin pressure during flight a mask will come down. Please secure your own mask before helping others next to you.” Why would they have you do this? Because how effective are you in helping the person next to you if you can’t breathe? How effective are you going to be in helping your loved ones financially, if you are not financially well?
You have to put you first! Your family depends on it. How effective are you going to be to help yourself or your family is you’re not physically well?
In estate planning it’s the one place you have to put yourself first, for the sake of the family, and you have to have a plan, or “rule book” so everyone works together to accomplish your wishes. It is time to start putting your plan off. There is no better time than now. Call us today. 216-341-3413