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Can you believe summer is quickly approaching? I would be willing to bet that many people are busy planning their summer vacations right about now. After all, planning a vacation sounds like way more fun than planning for one’s own estate. Who really wants to think about planning for their death or the possibility of being incompetent? Many people choose to put this off until they get older. The problem we see is that many people never come around to actually doing their planning.

We are often asked, “When should I start planning?” The answer to this question is “When are you going to die or be incompetent to make decisions for yourself?” If you do not know the answer to this question, then the best time is now. You never know what tomorrow holds.

If tomorrow comes today, are you prepared? When you attend one of our estate planning workshops we offer a free, one hour, consultation to run an analysis to determine how much of your assets are at risk. Call today to register to attend one of our workshops and schedule your free consultation. 216-341-3413

Michelle Fontanet
Professional Services Coordinator