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As the temperatures are warming up, there are many fun activities that seniors can do during the summer. It is important for seniors to stay active but be sure to stay healthy and not expose themselves to too much heat. There are several activities that our elderly loved ones can do to stay active and engaged. We have compiled a few ideas for our seniors and caregivers.

1. Join a Book Club – Go to the local library and check out a new book or see if there are any community book clubs that you can join.
2. Picnic at a local park – Pack a lunch and head to the nearest park. This is an activity that could even enjoy with grandchildren. We are so lucky to have the beautiful Cleveland Metroparks to visit and explore.
3. Catch a Movie – Especially on a really hot day. Many movie theaters in the area offer a senior day. At Cinemark in Valley View they offer Monday as their Senior Day and seniors can see any movie at any time for a discounted price. Check out your favorite local theater for their senior specials.
4. Visit a Museum – Cleveland has a great variety of museums to check out. Check out the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, The Great Lakes Science Center or The Cleveland Museum of Natural History. All of these museums offer great senior discounts.
5. Swimming or Water Aerobics – Many community centers offer specific activities and times designated for seniors. Simply walking in the water is a great exercise that is easy on your joints.
6. Head to the mall – Spend the afternoon at one of our local malls. If you are not a big shopper go for a little walk to window shop or find a bench and people watch.
7. Scrapbook – Take some time to gather all of those pictures that are stored away in boxes. This could be a great opportunity to remember all of those great memories with your family. Another option is to plan ahead for the holidays and put together scrapbooks or photo albums for family members to cherish.
8. Learn Something New – Set a goal to learn something new this summer. Whether it be a new language, a new craft like sewing, or attending educational workshops in your area.
9. Attend Community Events – There are several community events that take place during the summer. Many communities offer outdoor concerts, flea markets, car shows, art shows and more.
10. Go fly a Kite– This is a great activity that can be done sitting down or standing up. This can be another activity that is great to participate with other children. They can help to make sure the kite stays in the air.