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Legal and financial Planning Partnership

We were contacted by a financial advisor to inform us that one of our mutual clients had passed away and they wanted to know what we should do next. We talked about administering the trust and during the conversation, we learned the client passed away with approximately the same amount of money when she had started planning (legal and financial planning partnership.

The Testimony

This is a testimony about power in partnership between legal, financial and tax. In order to be most successful, it is best that these three things work together. It is a combination of asset protection planning on the legal side and proper financial planning.

Results of legal asset protection and proper financial planning

This client paid several thousands of dollars on her nursing care. When she passed away it was all replaced. Her beneficiaries will receive the same amount as if she had not even gone in the nursing home. If she would have needed care one more year later, the amount of her estate would have been significantly larger.

This is why working together with financial, legal and tax makes sense.

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